Progressive Diagnostics’ next generation laboratory services help patients and providers make important health and wellness decisions - Progressive Diagnostics

If you could avoid undergoing invasive medical procedures as you aged, what would you need now to live healthier and prevent diseases from progressing later? This is a problem that Progressive Diagnostics seeks to solve.

Since 2014, the business has provided integrated medical management support for a variety of health care providers and their patients, combining advanced laboratory services with compliance, cost management, risk stratification, and clinical analytics to improve care and reduce costs.

Before founding Progressive Diagnostics, CEO Curt Kuliga spent his career in the minimally invasive surgery industry. As he observed surgeries, he noticed a staggering common thread.

“So many of them did not need to happen. If the patients had more information 15 or 20 years earlier, they could’ve progressively changed the course of their disease state with preventative medicine and informed lifestyle choices, but they just didn’t know,” Kuliga explained. “Our mission is to provide doctors with real-time clinical data tools to help them make informed clinical decisions about their patients’ overall wellness.”


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