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Which COVID-19 Test Is Best?

PCR tests are recommended by healthcare professionals to detect a COVID-19 infection following exposure to the virus or when symptoms begin to appear. PCR tests detect the genetic presence of the virus. Rapid tests detect the proteins produced by the virus. To detect an infection, a rapid test requires about 1,000 times more virus to be present compared to a PCR test. PCR tests are considered the “gold standard” for detecting COVID-19.

When to Use a Rapid Test

COVID-19 rapid tests are over-the-counter tests you can administer at home. As the name implies, rapid test results are available quickly -- in about 15 minutes. Rapid tests are best used to track your COVID-19 infection at home for people with mild to moderate infection. Take one test per day until your test result is negative. Most health insurance policies cover up to eight rapid tests per month per person. Contact your healthcare provider if your symptoms are severe or if you have other medical conditions that increase your health risks.

Need a Verified Report?

If you or a family member need a report to verify your test results for work, school or travel, Progressive Diagnostics can help. Our Verified Rapid Test consists of a telehealth session conducted by a certified laboratory technician. Our technicians “verify” that your rapid test was administered correctly, and your results are interpreted correctly. We provide you with a report confirming the results that you can use for work, travel, school, or events, wherever rapid test results are accepted.

Rapid Test Pricing

Individual rapid test kit


Individual rapid test kit with verified service


Individual verified service


All prices include applicable sales taxes and service fees.

Private and public health insurers currently cover the cost of rapid test kits – up to eight kits per person per month. That’s 32 test kits for a family of four. You will have to file your own claim with your insurance company. The cost of the verified service is not covered by insurance.

If you have any questions about our verified rapid test, our customer care team is standing by. Simply call 888-503-8803 to reach a Progressive Diagnostics customer care representative.

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  • A Verified Rapid Test from Progressive Diagnostics is a rapid test administered through a telehealth appointment by certified laboratory technicians. Our technicians “Verify” that your rapid test has been administered correctly and that your results are accurate within the limitations of the rapid test

    Progressive Diagnostics offers both the PCR and rapid tests for detection of COVID-19. Healthcare professionals recommend PCR as the best test to detect COVID-19 following exposure and/or when symptoms begin to appear.

    Rapid tests are over-the-counter test you can administer at home, like a home pregnancy test. As the name implies, rapid test results are available quickly -- in about 15 minutes. But, while they can be a convenient alternative to the PCR, rapid tests tend to have higher “false negative” results.

    False negatives occur when the amount of virus in your body is too small for the rapid test to detect. It is possible to have a negative result from a rapid test, but still be infected with COVID-19.

  • A rapid test detects the amount of protein – called antigens – produced by the COVID-19 virus. Rapid tests are most effective when the virus is large enough and producing enough antigens to indicate the presence of the virus. Antigen production is very low in the initial days following infection.

    A PCR test detects the molecular (RNA) presence of the COVID-19 virus itself. The test is far more sensitive and accurate during the earliest stages of infection. That is why healthcare professionals recommend a PCR test to detect a COVID-19 infection.

    The best use of a rapid test is tracking your infection after a PCR test confirms you have COIVD-19. A “verified” rapid test can be used to confirm recovery so you can return to normal activities.

  • Verified Rapid Tests can be purchased and scheduled on our website or at one of our participating locations.

    You can also call our customer service team.

    Phone: 888-503-8803

    Email: [email protected]

  • Neither rapid test kits nor Progressive Diagnostic’s Verified Rapid Test service require a prescription.

  • A Verified Rapid Test costs $35 and includes one rapid test kit, your telehealth appointment with an expert lab technician, and a verified results posted to a personal patient portal.

    Additional rapid test kits (without the Verified Test Result) are available for $12 each.

    All prices include applicable sales taxes and service fees.

  • Rapid Test kits are not refundable. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team.

    Phone: 888-503-8803

    Email: [email protected]

  • Currently, rapid tests are covered by most health insurance policies. Typically, health insurance covers up to eight (8) rapid tests per person, per month. You will need to submit a claim form with your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

    Health professionals recommend taking a rapid test every 2-3 days following a positive test until the test is negative.

    The cost of our verified test process and reports are not covered by insurance

    If you have questions, please call us at 888-503-8803.

  • The Progressive Diagnostics Verified Rapid Test process is simple:

    1. Buy a test kit from Progressive Diagnostics. You can pick up your test kit at one of our participating locations, or we can ship it to you. Do not open your test kit until you are instructed to do so by your lab technician.
    2. Schedule your private, online telehealth session with Progressive Diagnostics. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your session
    3. Find a suitable location for the test – like a table, desk, or countertop. We recommend using a laptop, but if you are using a tablet or mobile device, please use something stand them up. You will need both hands to do the test.
    4. Once you have logged in to your session, your Progressive Diagnostics lab technician will walk you through the test process.
    5. While you are waiting for the test results, your lab technician will help you set up your personal, private patient portal where your test results will be posted.
    6. After the test, you will receive an email with a link to your patient portal where you will find your test results.

  • To “verify” rapid tests, the test must be taken in the presence of a Progressive Diagnostics lab technician. Tests you have taken previously cannot be verified.

  • Please contact Customer Service team at 888-503-8803

    Or email: [email protected]

  • Travel requirements for COVID-19 change all the time. Please contact your airline for travel requirements as they may be different depending on your destination.

    If a verified rapid test or PCR is needed, Progressive Diagnostics can help.

  • Rapid test kits are imprinted with the expiration date. You may take the rapid test at any time before the expiration date listed on the test kit box.

  • Once you have purchased your rapid test kits from Progressive Diagnostics, you can schedule an appointment with our lab technicians at any time as long as the test kit has not expired.

  • Healthcare professionals recommend testing every 2-3 days while symptomatic.

    It is recommended that a negative rapid test result should be confirmed with a PCR test.

    If you are asymptomatic but have been exposed, we recommend testing at least twice over the course of three days, with a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours between tests.

  • If you have scheduled a Verified Rapid Test session with Progressive Diagnostics, our expert lab technicians will walk you through the test process.

    If you decide to test yourself and have purchased the test kit from Progressive Diagnostics, please follow the instructions that come with the test kit.

  • Yes, you must be 2 years old or older to take this test. Individuals under the age of 2 years of age should not take this test. The PCR test is however recommended for all ages.

    If you decide to test yourself and have purchased the test kit from Progressive Diagnostics, please follow the instructions that come with the test kit.

  • If two pink lines appear under “C” and “T”: You have a positive result. If the line is faint for the “T” column this is considered a positive as well. Please contact your healthcare provider.

    If one pink line shows up next to the “C” and there is no line next to the letter “T”: Your test is negative.

    An inconclusive or invalid test will show a pink line next to “T,” but no line next to “C.” It may also show no lines on the panel. If the test comes back inconclusive or invalid, please retest with a new test kit.

    Progressive Diagnostics recommends confirming your rapid test results with a PCR test. PCR tests are the preferred test for healthcare professionals.