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Positivity Rates | Connecticut: 4.49% | Progressive Diagnostics 6.67%

Prom dress…check.


Cap and gown….check.

COVID-19 test? Yes!

Testing should be added to your teen’s must-have list if it isn’t already.

With major events such as the prom and graduation around the corner, it’s a very busy time of year for high schoolers. We’ve thankfully reached the stage in the pandemic that teens can attend and enjoy these important milestone events.

Though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports a steady decline in COVID-19 cases, it is still critical that teens and parents practice safety measures leading up to and when gathering.

“High school kids, in particular, are known to be just about as susceptible and just about as good at passing along this virus as other young adults,” Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said on ABC’s Good Morning America this week.

Keeping Teens Safe as They Socially Gather This Spring

The Connecticut state health department “strongly recommends” schools work with community providers on mass testing solutions and require proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours of events for students who are not fully vaccinated and plan to attend.

With easy online booking, fast results, and a number of locations around Fairfield County, Progressive Diagnostics makes it easier than ever to have your son or daughter tested both before and after these important social functions.

Getting tested is an easy solution to alleviate your worries and allow your teen to safely enjoy the events they have been so looking forward to. Click here to schedule their appointment today.

Your Teen Can Still Get Infected After Being Vaccinated

While the COVID-19 vaccine is now available for those age 12 and older, it takes time to build immunity. The authorized vaccines require two doses that are given weeks apart. This means that an individual can become exposed and infected to coronavirus before or after receiving a vaccine (especially at a large social gathering) because the body has not yet developed its defenses.

According to the CDC, building immunity typically takes a few weeks and it is possible for a person to be infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 just before or just after vaccination and still get sick. The CDC also estimates that 40% of coronavirus infections do not cause symptoms, and the trials of both the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines looked only at whether the vaccines prevented symptomatic infections. Although data is currently being submitted to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) about asymptomatic infections, the CDC recommends that people not assume they are completely immune to infection after having been vaccinated.

Regardless if you plan to vaccinate your teen, getting them tested leading up to and following major social functions is one simple measure you can take in keeping him/her safe and mitigating the spread of the virus. 

Progressive Diagnostics – Making Financial Contributions to Support Mental Health

May is also Mental Health Awareness month. We recognize that changes in learning, social isolation from friends, and the canceling of major events during this pandemic has proven challenging on our teenagers and families. A national poll shows that 46 percent of parents say their teen had exhibited signs of a new or worsening mental health condition since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.
Progressive’s culture of contribution means that a portion of all testing proceeds goes to funding local mental health and addiction programs all throughout the year, and not only during Mental Health Month. We hope you consider Progressive Diagnostics and Progressive Institute to be partners-in-care helping your teen be able to participate and enjoy their lives free from worry.


Fast, Accurate & Convenient Testing in Fairfield County, CT

We understand how hectic life can be for both parents and teens, so we strive to provide the most comprehensive and effective testing options. We offer same day results for COVID-19 PCR and antibody (some locations) tests if tested by 12pm, and next day results if tested after 12pm.*

For your convenience, we have testing facilities all over Fairfield County, including:


The Catholic Center – Queen of Saints Hall
238 Jewett Avenue


Our Lady of Fatima
229 Danbury Road


Immaculate High School Retreat Center
71 Southern Blvd


Saugatuck Railroad Station – Parking Lot #8
134 Saugatuck Avenue
Westport, CT 06880

An additional Shelton location is coming soon!

Scheduling an appointment has never been easier. Click here to book an appointment for your teen so that they can fully enjoy these important moments in their lives.

*Turnaround times are on average and are not a guarantee.