No Cost School Testing

“Project Covid Detect is a free weekly testing that we are offering through funding by the CDC to offer weekly Covid screening testing to all the eligible students in the state,” DPH epidemiologist Kristin Gerard explains

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List of Participating Schools

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School Testing FAQs

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Project COVID DeteCT: No Cost Pre-K and K-12 COVID Testing

Fast, Efficient, In School PCR Testing Programs Designed to Keep Connecticut’s Schools Open and Safe

Create a no cost in-school testing program

If you are a school administrator, please contact us to schedule a call with a specialist to learn how we can help you quickly implement a compliant back-to-school testing program.

    Fast, Efficient and Reliable COVID-19 School Testing

    We all want students and teachers back to in-class learning in a safe and supportive environment. That is why the state of Connecticut and Progressive Diagnostics are collaborating on Project COVID DeteCT to provide free weekly COVID-19 testing for the 2021-2022 school year for vaccinated and unvaccinated pre-K and K-12 students, teachers, and faculty at eligible, participating schools. Click here for more information about the CT State Program.


    PCR Technology

    In using PCR technology, the program greatly reduces the likelihood of false-positive test results and works to eliminate unnecessary quarantining downtime.


    Benefits of Project COVID DeteCT:

    It is critical to continue to test in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, vulnerable communities, and high-risk communal settings because…

    • Cases can be identified sooner when screening testing is utilized.

    • Weekly testing can help increase the time students and teachers spend in the classroom and reduce the number of days/times they are required to quarantine.

    • It reduces the risk of school-based COVID-19 transmission.

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    A Proven Testing Protocol

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    24 Hour Results

    We perform PCR FDA EUA tests at our lab in Trumbull and provide results and clinical or scientific consultation within 24 hours.

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    High Accuracy

    The SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test has been designed to minimize the likelihood of false-positive test results. The sensitivity of the test we use is 100% with a LOD of 0.5 copies/uL. This low LOD enables us to capture of very low viral loads and reduces the chance of a false positive.

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    Turnkey Service Support

    We work with your school to implement collection, processing, and reporting all while ensuring that any applicable privacy regulations are followed.

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    Convenient Scheduling and Comfortable Testing

    We coordinate with each school to set up an individualized schedule to ensure that those eligible are tested weekly. (Parents need to sign a one-time consent form, located here). The tests used are comfortable shallow nasal swabs performed by compassionate trained professionals.

    Teachers and faculty are now eligible for the DeteCT program. Staff will be able to be tested conveniently at the school alongside the students. (Staff can complete the consent form, located here).

    Supporting Connecticut: A Culture of Contribution

    A portion of all proceeds received by Progressive Diagnostics from the testing programs will be donated to support local adolescent mental health and substance use treatment programs.

    COVID-19 Testing Information for Families

    Please contact your school to see if they have signed up! See our FAQs for questions that parents and caregivers within our school communities have asked about Progressive Diagnostics’ School Testing Program. We want to ensure that schools and families are comfortable and confident in the testing provided to their children. Click here to see our FAQs.



    “The most impressive aspect of Progressive Diagnostics was the fast turnaround time, accuracy of testing as well as the utmost professionalism at all times. Progressive Diagnostics went above and beyond to avoid any potential false positives. Parents, staff and students were very appreciative of this extra step!”

    The Greenwich Education Group