Progressive Diagnostics’ Services Include:

Lab Metrics that support Mental Health, Addiction and Pain Management specialties

Turnaround times; cumulative reporting; efficient electronic ordering; proactive real-time safety alerts and outreach; medication diversion identification; compliance focus.

Patient Risk Stratification
Establishing an individualized risk stratification approach with Providers to create a dynamic assessment to ensure the right test, for the right patient at the right time is performed.
Clinical vs. Payor Compliance Alignment
Aligning payor policy with treatment needs; ensuring uninterrupted levels of care for patients.
Medical Management
Enabling the Providers we work with to make better informed clinical decisions, and enabling them to modify their treatment protocols accordingly.
Treatment Analytics
Deep data analytics aligned with clinical objectives; real-time patient safety alerts; utilization compliance; cost reduction focus; predictive analytics.
Community Impact
Collaborating with customers and community leaders to increase education and awareness; engaging with those we are serving.

Urine Toxicology Testing

The use of urine toxicology drug testing plays an important role in ensuring patient safety, monitoring compliance with medication and/or substance abuse treatment programs, and reducing the likelihood of drug diversion. Progressive Diagnostics uses a combination of fully automated chemistry analyzers, as well as high complexity triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometers utilizing drug identification methods leveraging LC-MS/MS technology, thus ensuring the highest standard of care and accuracy available.