About Us

Progressive Diagnostics is a unique integrated medical information technology and life-sciences provider with expertise in the fields of mental health, addiction medicine, pain management, medical data analysis and high complexity toxicology testing.

What We Do for Our Clinical Partners

Progressive Diagnostics’ approach transforms the traditional transaction-based laboratory experience into a new category of innovative real-time interactive diagnostics and medical management systems. Our key areas of focus include:

Clinical Alignment – aligning our diagnostic approach with economic and clinical objectives.
Medical Management – managing data analytics at the patient, practice and overall payor levels; actively calculating and stratifying risk to inform and influence clinical decisions.
Utilization Compliance – leveraging treatment analytics to enable access to appropriate diagnostic tests while ensuring proper test utilization and frequency.
Cost Savings – helping Providers identify diagnostic tests that are based on the medical necessity of each individual patient, ensuring appropriate testing at the lowest charge code.
Making it Easy – Progressive Diagnostics gives you a fast, efficient workflow with proactive Lab-to-Provider communication, resulting in the best lab experience possible.

HIPAA Compliance

Progressive Diagnostics implements a strong HIPAA Compliance program. The program assures physicians and their patients that all health information will be kept strictly confidential. Click here to view our Notice of Privacy Practices.

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